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We've been working very hard to build our new website, to enable arif designers, share, connect and grow. and We are proud to announce the new website is just around the corner, subscribe so that we can celebrate the launch together

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About Us

Anything arif grows with sharing. Be it ideas, knowledge...
Through our journey, the people who shared their ideas and opinions added color and value to who we are today. and now we want to give back what we recived and grow together

Our Response...

Arif Designs, an online community of Ethiopian Designers, Visual Artists, Creative Thinkers to share Ideas, Resources and have discussions on different topics about design. currently over viber, telegram, facebook,and linked in.

Designers can get feedback about their design allowing them to network and collaborate. by sharing useful content,inspirations, resources, and an open stage to showcase their work organized in to days and post series organized into days.

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In the meantime, you can check out some of our content, get the latest offers, and more.
Connect with us, be part of the community and Share Ariffness.

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...before our Website Launch

The Days

To keep things interesting and cover all sides we broke down the week in to topics